Adam / Empire

December 8, 2022

You have told me that you will be starting it towards the end of the year.

In a meeting with Andy Partington where you threatened me with calling the police you were given a Manchester discount card with authorisation for selling them at £35 per card. A new version has now come out of print that will be sold for £101 per card.

Members can be discounted from restaurants and piizza shops in northenden.

Golf Hub Discount cards can be sold to members for £7.

Richard Gilbert is now being tasked to write a Twilight Golf Membership System and New Golf Handicapping System for Twilight Golf.

Andy Partington has been requested to tell members that they can now enter a competition for Roll Up Golf if they pay £1 to The Charimanrs Charity.

I am TELLING Richard to Stop Work on Protosearch form now – To treat it as a B task – to be done when A task duties can not be achieved.

Richard is Wrong on Project Empire for HRHINFONET Jingcharlesiii,me and should be working on a subscription based Quiz for Pegasus PGE Professional Jamems of PROTEE at Houldswortth golf club. When I gave you your Manchester Discount Card I Distrubuted £4.6 Million worth of licences to members of the scheme.

Richard will now undertake Personal Development and Training to develop  mobile applications.

Richard will develop an application that records

Season Round 1

Start Date and Time of Season

Start Date and Time of Round 1  / Score on hole 1

Ditto Score on Hole 2 

Ditto Scope on Hole 3

Ditto Score On Hole 4

End Date and Time of Season

Season Round 2 

Inherit round 1 for holes 5,6,7,8

Season Round 3 

Inherit Round 2 for Holes 9.10.11,12

Season Round 4 

Inherit Round 3 for holes 13.14,15,16

Season round 5 for holes 17,18

For non Hub Members 

Cost of Cards £

Discounted to £   When app shown to bar staff – Payment Made to Bar Staff.

I would like to remind you James that you are a keystone member of my team at Wythenshawe Golf / Tennis / Fooball . Bowls Club and would tike you to undertake the duties of mail chimp distribution of The Birdie Weekly News – Now being placed on HTTP://

Thank You James – Has the club found a replacement for Will Powell yet.

Richard Can you please raise SSR – Systems Service Request for Project Adam

With PSR for

1. Golf Quiz Phone App

2. Tee Time Golf Hole Recording Phone App

3, Junior Golf Handicapping System Phone App.

Please project manage under project Empire for Club Systems / Golf Shake / Play Less Golf / Play More Golf / ProTee Delivery


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