BramIT – The Air Cube / Pensions Dispute / Mike Kane

November 13, 2022

Mike I need your help with the dispute that I have with the DWP regarding my pension account.

As mentioned I had a family pension account in my name which was also the account of Adam Bramwell for the disbursement of his death duties,

Since being informed of the dispute I have given the monies to Emma to invest as she likes.

DShe is now being instructed to set up Infunuty Peabsions in an account in her own name called Emma Alexander Bramwell – and to enrol me as a customer on a 40 / 60 th pensions scheme.

Emma will keep the accounts of infinity and do the tax year end for its Charity The Erica Society – Emmas account will take charitable donations for the Erica society.

All this is documented in the Articles of Association for Design House Established in 1964 – My first Company.

I hope that this will help clear thing up with the DWP and help me recover the suns lost,

Thank You 

Alan Bramwell CEO Infinity

Community Guardian (BA019) – Gatley Primary


Ashgate Primary School Trust

Crossacres Primary Academy Trust

The Erica Society Foundation Trust – Proportional Giving

HTTP:// – Payroll and Financial Accounting Systems For New Businesses First Year Accounts. – Infinity Pay and Pensions End of Life Savings and Endowments,

C2 Richard Gilbert 

Paul Edwards 

Tom Davies Product Owner

 SSR 2023/002

Create by 11:11;11 2023 the business Infinity Achitecture – The Architectuture of Infinity Pay and Pensions End Of Life Savings and Endowments,

Suummer Duffy has been assigned to program the architecture in Wigby – Graham Sharpe EX Queens Architect has been contracted to design the offices of Infinity.

In fact I will do the Design for the offices and get it costed by Graham.

It Is Called The Air Cube. 


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