The Meta Verse / Metasearch

November 12, 2022

Rich – The Metaverse

Clone of Forest404 create amend delete with additional fields

Estimated programming time 4 hours.

I am going great guns here rebranding red octopus as infinity 

but i have hit major major problems 

Webador has lost all my sites bar 2 meritocracy and q 

q will not render i am just left with meritocracy.

I am finally setting up redoctopus ssna – my bootstrap is not working the site renders when run locally but not when uploaded.

I know that you are having problems delivering protosearch – I need an explanation why – it has been a year since you started it.

I need you to be more communicative – I am always prompting you – I need you to take the lead and drive this project forward.

I urgently need metasearch that should be simple – Limit metadata to one search word initially you can expand the number of words to 8 if you think you can get that working by the end of the week!

I need a new table

1. Company URL

2. METAVERSE Protropage url

3 What thee words – word 1

4 what 3 words – Word 2

5 What 3 Words – Word 3

6 Country

7 State / County

8 Zip Code / post Code

9 first line of address

10 e.mail address

11 phone number

12 mobile number

13 date / time stamps

14 record id

Can i have this by the end of the week please Table / transaction name themetaverse

Thank you 



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