The Chancellor – The Meta

November 11, 2022


I booked two events with will powell

Room 101 my AGM 111/11/yyyy at 11:11:11

Studio 54 My EGM 05/05/yyyy At 18:05/06 for twilight golf and Pizza and Prosecco.

I have anounded these dates to The Chrisie as being fund raising dates for there charity – Christies are going to be promoting the event.

As I needed today to announce my share holders as I need people to support me on this venture – James at Hazel Grove requested a duty to run my events there – I have chosen Curtis Hughes of Hazel Grove and George Jenkins. James Rowland Curtis and George are now share holders and will dictate the direction of our golf business together. James / Curtis and George will be given monthly updates as will you James as Product Owner of Adam. Adam Jones of the Chritsie will also become a product owner but not a share holder as collaboration with the Chistie has been poor for 22 years – Christie have not allowed me to use their logo to promote my charity golf days.

I am now nominating Peter Bishop / Brian Fletcher / John Goddard / Bob Bolton / Martin Keates / Trevor Eve / Peter George / Alan Stewart / Steve Emmet / John Gill and Ron Heald as my deputies / Red Octopus Share Holders.

Could you please inform today them using Mail Chimp.

Thank You 


Have you arranged a date for me to talk to Martin Keates yet

These are the Key Dates.

1. Every day of the year – Playmore Golf The Chancellor entry form Donation using Just Giving

2. Regional Qualifier  06/06/2023 at WGC

3 Regional Final 07/07/2023 Cheadle Hume / Bruntwood Park

4 National Final ’The Meta’ Hazel Grove Golf Club 11/11/2023 @11:11:11 Shotgun Start

5 The Adam Bramwell Shady Hollow Memorial Trophy 06/06/2024 Houldsworth Golf Club 11:11:11 Shotgun Start ‘Meta’ Regional Final

6 12/04/yyyy The Chancellor Trophy – All Golf Cubs In the UK £7 entry fee for club members £28 for Playmore Golf £7 Discount To The Erica Society Foundation Trust.

The dates have been announced at WGC/Cheadle/Houldsworth/Hazel Grove/American Golf Today.


James Dunn

C2 Richard Gilbert …. Adam Jones    Golfbycurtis Protopage and Webador Promo to be done by 12/12/2022 at 12:12:12  JamesRowland PegasusPGAPro Sites to be developed by 12/12/2022 with online Phone and Collect Ben and Jacks Shop. 

Paul Edwards

Tom Davies

Martin Keates


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