Red Octopus Launch Day

May 27, 2018

Red Octopus was launched today at Didsbury Golf Club and Northenden Golf Club.

I went round exchanging Business Cards.

Hitac Active was also launched and I have found this great app called Grammarly (password to Adam’s machine is grammarly and the email is

I hate having to remember all the passwords needed on my computer – I have a scrap of paper with them on and a book with some in – and now this reminder! – get organized!!!!

Grammarly is really great it is working on this blog – implementation was more simple on this machine I just let it use my google account for the password. Trouble is I can not remember the password so can’t log out.

Same with Facebook and they have done something  I keep getting a really annoying pop up that I can’t stop for the likes of trying. Anybody else had it and fixed it – let me know on the above email.

There is more – I have announced Red Octopus Trading cos I have found a company that supplies Polo Shirts at just £4. I get discount a Gatley Signs so I will get them branded and sell them for £20 less discount for just £17 – good business if I can find golfers to buy them.

Grammarly does not trap everything – just seen a typo after publishing, it is always the case. That is why the old days were somewhat better than today. You had time to write specifications and they were given to a skilled secretary to type them out, anything that did not read well was questioned.  Less productive but a joy to work with.

Cost of a secretary £15,000 per year – the cost of a laptop / do it yourself £200 no wonder Secretary Managers are so busy that they don’t get time for club websites – best leave the wwwy stuff to assistant professionals – they are young and IT Literate.





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