Status Report

May 21, 2018
Today I had a converstation wiith LV Media to discuss his charging mechanism, the cost of Hitec site and SEO.

It was decided that LV Media will enter the Manchester Discount Card Scheme.
We will not be engaging in  SEO at £200 per month for national coverage and  £90 for regional coverage.
I have a meeting  with Ian on Saturday to discuss the needs of Red Octopus.  If Ian can get near Godaddy rates for hosting and can provide me with FTP I will use him.  The next option is for me to supply website updates on a memory stick and have him FTP it.  Either way I will basically by wanting an FTP support function at £45 per hour less 30% discount.
My relationship with Hitech is that I am still a freelance consultant with them – that I will not have any dealings with LV Media and that I am not to discuss Hitec web requirements with them.
Hitec will have a working relationship with Red Octopus Business Services Limited and will be allowed to sell The Manchester Discount Card at £7 per card – and keep all the income form sales for provision of print services as and when required – Discounted to 10p per page.
I have removed the tag to recruitment from the Hitec Active  site – but a trace of it still remains on my blog – that will need some explaining.
My next visit to Hitec will be next Saturday at 12am – I recognise that I will have nothing to do but I will give them the opportunity to talk about a Hitec Promotional Event.

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