Don’t Know what to do…….

April 29, 2018

Just got back from Gatley and had a good / bad time…..

The bad time was I was too late to buy Susan flowers from Tesco and that she got really really angry with me bringing my business ideas to her house – she just does not get the value that I get doing my charity work. Emma followed up by not accepting The Erica Society and that it was set up when she was a director of BBCommubiSYS – then registering a company meant that you had to have two or more directors. The plan was always to pay Adam and Emma with a company BMW when they were 21 – a BMW 3 series was purchased for Adam in 2007 which I used till Adan came to live with me – he took charge of it in 2014 I also gave Adam all my war chest so that he could bring his girl friend into the country on the basis that he only used it for house keeping and the purchase of his own BMW outright. In 2015 Adam bought THE WHIP a series 4 diesel puppy that had been in an accident. With insurance Adam went £2,000 over budget but I allowed him that because he had been helping me with The Golf Channel.

Emma was not engaging with  me and got her own Audi TT to my dismay.  After Adam died the relationship between father and daughter improved and I gave Emma funds to buy her own house.

Relationship between us is continuing to improve but Emma like Susan does not accept my business interest because she does not see any tangible evidence of it – perhaps if she looked at The Slate Yard she would see the technology on offer.

Moving forward :

The Erica Society will revert back to contract registration purpose.

It will remain as sports aid with donations going to The Manchester United Foundation and to Junior Golf.

I am to consider dropping The Community Guardian Tag and to charge a reasonable rate as Alan Bramwell – self employed – I will now review going self employed. There is a major benefit with that in that I will be able to contract to Verastar broadband  but there may well be issues with technical support at device level – I have worked in Product Support and we do not do Server Configuration.

I will continue to consult with Andy about business – but only when Susan is not there.

Emma has a full schedule an will not do a Run for Red Octopus even though it will help me.

I determined it was the wrong day to ask Emma to help me run a professional golf tournament in 2019 at Hazel Grove having just played in the 2018 American Golf Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day.

To be honest I need Susan’s support and recognition that I am still in the IT industry working with leading edge technology but she does not understand Package Selection and is of the mind that I am wasting my time.

I now have the hard task of valuing myself – for that I will talk to Nigal Cowen of Really Simple Media.


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