April 29, 2018

12:55 Got up and tried to do some social bookmarking the my site 

In 2007 this utility was just about the best of the www – you had the feature to create may sites.

I had one called YMG which contained 50 wordpress golf club sites for David Gosling.

I had one called school which was the history of the British Battlship.

I had one called HRHNET which was a history of our royal family.

I am associated with all theses sites.

  1. I worked for YMG as an IT Strategist.
  2. 2 I was involved in delivering education into YMG and at the time there was no YouTube Golf Videos to be had.
  3. I stayed at Windsor Castle with family friend and Queens Architect Graham Sharpe. When Graham came up north I used to treat him to his golf – One day we played Royal Birkdale. Whe I went south we played in the grounds of Windsor Castle and had days out to East Sussex a top quality course.

Happy days.

Delicious is not working I can not register a new site and I can not sign in to The Beatles.

I am linked by Association to The Beatles as Tony Bramwell – my cousin had a top job at Apple. Which is very important because I wanted Tony to help both my son Adam in music technology and my daughter Emma in Event Management. When I asked Tony for help de declined stating that he knew nothing about the modern music industry even though he had a connection with Totnes Radio.  Tony has written his own book which is not good news for the Bramwell Clan as he dismisses his own father – something that I would never do for all his faults.

My father was very influential in my life I will tell you all about him when I release my life story. I have been writing a book called A Day In the Life for three years – it is realy crap and is all about IT – It will never be launched but on days when I need a friend and I am alone I turn to it.

13:12 Back to bed …. Have contacted  Richard, Sue and Tom to tell them my plan for the day – I am awaiting phone calls to arrange meet ups.

The link to The Bealtle and is proof that if wanted to I could outstrip Tony as the UK leading expert on the UK best band – on 02 May I have got education at the Google Garage in Manchester on how to construct active websites and how to get them to the top of Google. I will then creates a website called The Beatles with links to Protopage and Delicious and set a Beatles Tab on my website where you can see that I have already created sites for Red Octopus – these are responsive Internet and Intranet sites – put these with my responsive Bootstrap InfoNet sites and we have a tangible business called Red Camel Systems.

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