April 29, 2018

Note: When reading my blogs please do not check my grammar – I blog on the fly cos I don’t have much time – and I do not proof read – it is not an important document !.

It is 6:40 am and I have got up for my morning shower, to take my stress medication, have some breakfast and to plan my day whilst having a half a hour soak in the shower.

This is my daily routine for Verastar – I plan my day ahead and it is usually about my Genesis project which is the recording of a procedure manual for the company.

The reality of the situation is that I work with a highly skilled employee called Megan who has produced excellent work on procedures that are shared through Sharepoint. My big issue with the company is that I don’t know how to use Sharepoint. I am ok on this, the company is very supportive and has been great during my periods off due to the stress  of Adam’s death, my operation due to cancer and my recent stress attack caused by thinking about my cv.

My main problem is i was not taught at school about the value of keeping a CV and that I did not create one till 2007 when I became redundant through a fire at Arrow Mailing.

I have been multi tasking – I like multi tasking – I have had my breakfast and an going back to bed for I have not slept since last Saturday. When I said I have not slept I clearly am getting some sleep but it is disturbed as I am a lucid thinker and I have my CV on my mind. I am concerned at an event that happened a few week ago – Megan was crying she packed all her desk away and said that she was leaving. Thankfully the problem has been resolved and she is still with us – I would not know what to do an a daily basis without the support that she gives me.

I am not ashamed to admit that I need support I work at Verastar because I have major health issues – one of which since the loss of Adam is my mental health. I admit there are times in the office that I am not focused on my job – this is simply that I can not get Adam out of my mind – or in this case focusing on my CV.

Anyway – no CV till next Saturday I need time to focus on Verastar – which means relaxation therapy. I will be up this afternoon and will go and see Susan cos she was really worried about me yesterday – she will get some flowers.

Then it will be off to my sister for a ride out – She does not want me this week but I need her help – she supports me every Sunday. Then it will be back for relaxation therapy.

Thankfully I have not booked a tee time at Withington Golf – I would not have had the energy to play if I had…….. 07:04 …. Goodnight part 2.


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