A Day In The Life

April 29, 2018

poo… Can not paste into this  blog – will have to typeo – how bad is that – Thankfully I have Protopage !

Verse 2 

Woke up, fell out of bed

Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup

And looked up and noticed I was late


Just how bad is that on the reflection of the British work force. One needs to get up early and think about the day.  Which reminds me my second alarm clock is broken so there is no snooze time tomorrow – best put my spare one charge now.

A day in the life will now continue in this blog from when I was as young  as 8. Next week at 8pm I will blog and feature me as CEO for Red Octopus. It should make interesting reading – My mentor -Payroll Account Manager was a senior Accountant he looked after me at Ingersoll Rand, we had a meeting once where he said Alan I have my liitle book that has something about everyone at IR in it – when I retire I will publish it.

He then went on to say that even though I had reached the position of Acting Systems Manager I would not be offered the job and that Derek Capey is insistig on a graduate with payroll and general ledger experience.

Ingersoll went forward and recruited Clever  trevor Harrison a top class manager who primarily looked after the nominal ledger system and had me looking after Payroll (which was huge) and the Nominal Ledger Interfaces and external interfaces plus Annual Inventory, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Inter Comany Sales Ledger, Parts Pricing the system that never was World Pump Trade Analysis and international trading system plus whatever came along.

In my store room at home I still have all the Management Training coures which I took with IR including an extensive external Xerox course on Marketing. I have Effective Communication course designed by Tom Shaw – Company Trainer. Plus I still have the last specification that I wrote which was a Front End  Re-write of the Payroll System.

My original spec was for a PC Solution – this was destroyed when Mick Johnson instructed me never to write a PC Spec again. The year was circa 1987 my fater in law John Arnold Edwards was my mentor ant operated at board level for Ferranti  Computer Systems in Wytheshawe JAE was a very wise man and we often joked about starting our own computer shop. We did this in his shed whilst building our own machines from broken parts salvaged from the skip.

I did a loft conversion with John and  a conservatory on the back of the house – I did the brick laying which was a skill that I learnt when I was 14 when I was running my first business.

I will tell you about my business – how when I was 14 I employed my best friend Steve as a Bob A Job Boy Scout to do garden maintenance for me that I charged a £1 for. (a Bob = 5 new pence). My pocket money was 7/6 at the time and I had to work for it as a Assistant Secretary for the AEU Union and a Assistant Secretary for Greenbank Bowling Club.

This was the origin of Red Octopus

Happy days……

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