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April 28, 2018

First of all I would like to say something about my communication….. I blast stuff out without checking it or proof reading it fro grammar or error – i have a life..

Unlike my daughter Emma who is an expert blogger at

My blogs a simply a reminder to self to mark a major turning point in my life – as life goes by and we tend to forget key dates.

So just take my blog that it is a reminder to self to do stuff. It is my notepad to life.

I am very proud of my daughter she did not go to university and is now a Marketing Manager. I will be able to consult with her as I set up my own Inter Marketing venture and Events Management Company..

Good Morning

This is an announcement to say that The Erica Society would like to make a donation of £126.50 to the society and that Emma Bramwell should make the transaction from her own bank account and that dad will pass over the cash when we next meet.

It is Saturday Morning and I an working from home for Red Octopus.

My recent commitment to Hitec Computers in Cheadle – Which I commenced in July 2017  is still there and I will still visit them from time to time and we have an association through whereby Hitec offer £15 discount on sales through

Today work is to do a blog entry to tell Emma what funds we have raised and to go to Google to find out how to take an employee / associate to court for dereliction of duty and to make a claim for non payment of an invoice.

I would like to announce that The Erica Society is now linked by Association with Red Octopus and that the Society now supports Mental Health in addition to The Development of Junior Sport.

I am wearing the hat of CEO for which I get paid just £7 per year – which is donated to charity and that I operate as a Community Guardian (BA019) as one of the UK’s to IT Consultants (Ex Hoskyns – Both Hoskyn and Verastar CEO is Geoff Unwin – I am a Geoff Unwin man !) under whilst working full time for minimum wage at Verastar the utilities company in the Broadband provisioning department.

I chose to donate all my salary to charity – in 2007 I set up the Erica Society as part of my dealing with David Gosling at Young Masters Golf.  David contracted me as IT Strategist for Young Masters Golf.

As part of the contract between YMG and BBCommuniSYS Limited David joined THE Erica Society – this can still be found and is still a going concern even though the company has been dissolved.

The Erica Society can be found at http:://  and is utilised by myself in my Community Guardian work and personal fund raising

In 2016 myself and Adam Bramwell reengaged with with Bitesize Golf – Myself  being a Business Consultant and Adam as A Director of Golf and the sun of £14 was donated to secure this association.

Sadly Adam died. But the Erica Society has been busy. It ha conducted a collection a Veraster to support Mind. The Erica Society was set up to support Junior Golf and New Business Ventures.

Funds from The Erica Society  have been made available to Mr Andrew McColl to support his Marketing Business. Andrew spent his investment on a pint of Amsel to secure a 50//50 share in a new business.  Sadly that business venture has failed before company registration due to a break down in communication.  The good new is that there will be no financial loss from myself during this venture and that the Marketing material and company stamp ordered for the business can be used for Red Camel Systems.

I am pleased to announce that Verastar has donated over £300 to the Erica Society for the purpose of support Emma Bramwell who is running 30 events for charity.

I have collected to donations from the Sales Department on the two floors above me and this donation can now be seen on   under the title The Erica Society.

For my own department – Sales have lost your donation and I am now asking you to either donate £7 to the Erica Society to support The Erica Society Professional Golf Tournamanr which will raise funds for Mind or  make a donation directly to   which you may not have access to at work due to permissions.

I would llike to thank all the people at Verastar for making such a generous donation.

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