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April 28, 2018

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My experience of Google Garage is this.

Note : Since writing this article I have spoken to family who advised simply to drop the matter and forget about it – so I have amended this blog and it now refers to Mr X – it detailed the actual man when displayed at Google Garage.

I have just been on three courses at Google Garage  as a Community Guardian to see what they were up to.

Last week I went into Google to give my post course review and feedback and was approached by a man who overheard what I was saying and wanted to talk to me.

I agreed to talk to the man on my conditions.

I that being aware that he did not have a website that I would teach him how to create his own website and that after he had done so that he would enter into an associate agreement with Redcamel System to deliver Tier 1 Websites at £60 per hour. The second agreement was that he was to sign up with the Manchester Community Guardian Scheme and to undertake a period of training to bring him up to Tier 5 standard that would pay him £60,000 per year.

That the cost of this contract would be a shake of hands.  We them agreed that if the consultancy took over two hors that Andrew would pay through his limited company the cost of £1,000 per hour.

Then we discussed sign up to the Manchester Discount Card I said that I wanted 15% of his company to sign up to The Manchester Discount Card – The card currently runs for charity but is now being upgraded as a commercial venture.

Andrew stated tthat he ran a Marketing Company and that rather than sharing his company that a new company be forrmed as a Marketing and Newsiness Start up company and that he would do the company registration and company secretary duties and that I would assist and guide as a CEO and a Business Consulltant.  I agreed at this at the cost to Andrew of 1 Pint of beer and an agreement that we should run this as friends and that I would take a passive role as I have a full time employment at Veraster which is demanding of me and that I would not be able to dedicate more than 10 minutes per night and 1 hour on a Wednesday to the role.

Andrew agreed to these terms so I went ahead an divulged my Red Camel Company secrets to him.

Since then I have spent  a few minutes arranging the Articles Of Association and the amendments and have attempted to instruct Andrew on the Share Holder Details and Instruction to call an EGM for the amendments to the Articles.

I have prepared letters to share holders and have appointed the Company Solicitors, Accountant, Printers, Computer Suppliers, I have arranged  the production of Company Stamps and Company Stationary and Company Marketing material.  I have announced that High5Local will be part of the Red Octopus brand as part  Red Octopus MultiMedia. I have constructed The Red Octopus Primary Active Protopage Website and given an instruction set for him to construct Tier 1 development of Wix and WordPress sites under his Red Camel employment,

In our meeting at the pub we set up a significant number of Task for Mr X to perform – one of which was to set up a task register using google drive and to share the contendt of that register through a secure Protopahe Link using the SSNA Technology Invented by Systems House in 2007.

Andrew was requested to share to to o list in an Open System Philosophy using the App Sheet technology now Exposed in

Mr X was tasked to use his own Marketing Company to organise a Manchester Pro Golf Tournament at Hazel Grove Golf Club in 2019 to raise funds for Junior Golf Development and General Sports development by supporting The Manchester United Foundation.

Mr X was instructed to communicate progress at 8pm each evening and to have a Skype Communication at 8pm on a Wednesday to DotnetUK.

These are the same conditions that apply to David Gosling at Bitesize Golf.

An attempt has been made to partner David Gosling at Bitesize Golf since 2007 when David was then CEO of YMG. David entered into a with profits contract with Alan Bramwell to supply systems to YMG and appointed Alan as an IT Strategiist.  Alan formed an Outsourcing Company called BBCommuniSYS  (The Name being strange but his mission was to develop shop floor control systems that he had developed whilst working for Communisis Broadprint).

Alan engaged Ben Fish at All In One Computing to conduct Tier 4 Web development, That was the PHP/MySQL amendments that YMG needed making to its website. Ben also extended the Brand by creating and hosting ThE LMG Ladies Master Golf Website. Ben created a tournament registration system fof the website but only half completed it and did not finish with the system administration function due to difficulties working with David Gosling.

Be [produced a Forum for David and instruction were given to YMG to appoint a system administrator before it was announced to the YMG community. David failed to follow this instruction and announced the forum which then got corrupted with pornography. I took the executive decision that David could not be trusted to maintain a forum and took the service off line.

I appointed Richard Gilbert (Red Camel Systems) to work for David at no charge to develop an ASP.Net Starter kit for the sale of YMG Merchandise as an interim shop to service to company in the period it was to take to find a supplier of services. The shop only ever had one product – YMG Badges. It was agreed that this shop would remain in service as a showcase for Redcamel Systems and proof that they can provide Internet Shopping as well as bespoke SQL Server Applications.  Eventually Ocean Design was found and YMG was instructed to communicate with Ocean Design via a Spreadsheet with the YMG Inventory on it. A good solution which was put into a trial period with them. Again due too difficulties in communication with David this venture Struggled as did the communication did with Richard. Was should have take 1 week took six months. For my effort I continued to look at the YMG Business and concluded that for the company to be effective it needed IT and it needed a help desk service, I contacted House on the Hill, based in Marple and conducted a review of their Help Desk software. And appointed them as a service to YMG. Again this was not take up by YMG.

I began to question Dave and he admitted that in fact he had lost control of his company and that he had no send authority.

We managed to get £1,000 out of David and this went to Ben. To this day Ben no longer contacts me – he says he is a friend when I ring him but he is TOO BUSY to find time to see me. Ben is a good friend and has now moved out of the IUT Industry to become an electrician – You should search him out if you require work – I am certain that he would do your web hosting for you and some PHP/MySQL work should you need it. 

Since 2007 I have continue to support Scot Curries under Systems House and have seen Scot Become a Tier 1 web developer under my instruction. Scott was a YMG Pro in 2007 and was the reason why I engaged with Dave.

In 2016 Scott. In 2016 I observed that Scott had re-engaged with Dave Gosling at Bitesize Golf so I contacted Dave and suggested that I re-engage with him to provide his IT services with a view that I would be responsible for teaching the kids Tier 1/2/3/ development through a venture called BSG-Elite and that I would teach them Sales working with American Golf and exposing them to The American Golf Training program that my som AdAm was undertaking and that we had agreed with American Golf that we could use the material  that was generic leaning. This material has been exposed to the world through the Northenden Community Webste since 2015 and there has been no feedback from American Golf.  I now have the task to review this material and rebrand it and to confirrn with AG that it is acceptable.

In 2016 Richard Gilbert – at no charge re-engaged with Bitesize Golf to conduct a bespoke development that should have taken 2 weeks rproduce and has partially produced a solution called 

I do not know the full story but a year on this venture had failed and Richard now refuses to work with Dave.  Dave has taken my advise as an IT Stragist to conduct his own website but refuses to implement that I have instructed him to do, Gozworld should be used as a sitemap for what is a complicated website which has lots and lots of errors. The Bitesize Golf website like YMG in 2007 has lots of disconnected links – Dave can not be trusted to do his own design.  I have said to David that his website gets no traffic an that he should rebuild using bootstrap as a responsive site and use Protopage for active site.

Ii have instructed Dave that he would have an online shopping basket and should be selling his services world wide an that he should use Nigel Cown at Really Simple Media to construct a website similar to the Steve Mar Website and that Dave can contribute with his Powtoon elements.

Woring as a Business Consultant working for bitesize golf under I have suggested to David that he should move into Multi-Media and set up a company delivering Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 and Tier4 Websolution and that he should apply for n association contract to and tat in doing so he becomes a part of the Red Octopus brand. To do this he would have to agree to giving up 15% of Bitesize Golf for which he would get the continued serve of Red Camel Systems which now operates out of Hitec Computes and has started ithe initiavive called the Manchester Disciunt Card of with Hitec Computer is a member and offers 15% Discount.

There is plenty of opportunity for Davig Gosling to move Bitesize Golf working with Redcaml Systems and now Red Octopus.

Since my session with the man  there has been a failure to communicate and a failure to set up Red Octpus as agreed in the 50/00 contract that was signed by Alan Bramwell (Representing Red Camel System) and Andrew McCool (Representing his own Limited Company)

This is notification that the contract that has beed made between us is null and void and that Red Octopus and it’s association wth him is over.

We will be consulting Google Galage about taking legal action against Anrew to stop him using the SNNA Infrastructure that he was exposed too during his Red Camel Training.

An invoice will now be raised for the training session and will be set to him at his company address along will a small claim for the work done by Redcamel System in supporting Andrew in the pre-start up phase of his venture.

The amount of the action will only be £7 because I realise that Andrew does not have the means to pay. The reason for this action is to let the word know that Mr X is not a honourable man and that he is not competent as a Marketing  Executive.

It is also to announce that David Gosling is skilled enough to become a Marketing Executive and that with the tools that he has – Which Includes http://bitesizegolf,club that he should enter that position with Red Octopus Multi Media 

By this announcement I say that Mr X has no involvement with Red Octopus or any of its Associates.

Red Octopus will adopt a policy of advertising its associates on the www as part of its introduction to the brand.  We will then report whether or not our agreement to form an association has worked or has failed at the first hurdle.

Red Octopus has tried to form an association with Andrew McCool Limited – that association failed after 1 week attempt to form the Red Octopus Brand. Andrew was contacted every night at &pm by Alan and progress was reported through Protopage as agreed. Andrew was also phoned and agreed to ring back – which he never did Andrew now having my mobile number was phoned nightly at 8pm but failed to answer. On Friday with the knowledge that Mr X was recognising me on his mobile phone and was electing not to answer was contacted from my house phone – he answered but put the phone down when I announced my name.

I am concerned that now Mr X has my skill set and knowledge of Protopage that he will use the infrastructure that I have defined to set up business in competition with Red Camel Systems – I simply want to stop him.

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