End Of An Era II

March 22, 2018

I think my time advising people that they should be self sufficient in their WWW IT is over.

WordPress, Wix, Godaddy and 123-Reg are now household names and anybody with anything about them should be looking towards these solutions to expose their business on the www.

With regards to Protopage whilst this is the best of the lot nobody wants it ! It offers huge amounts of functionality far more than the others and should be essential for of an Active Web Strategy.

Working with Hitec Computers showed me just how closed the business world is to change.

So I have dropped the Consultancy tag from my website as I am no longer attached to a business.

YMG and Bitesize Golf should have been the entry point into the Golf Business – sadly that venture never got off the ground as Protopage was not recognised as being the tool for effective communication.

Bitesize Golf remains a site with very little traffic, so much could be done to help junior golfers if golf professionals got www savvy.

I will now look to promoting the Redcamel Brand in supporting those businesses  which have elected to join me.

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