Industries in decline / on the up

March 6, 2018


In 2007 I was working in an indusry in decline – Direct Marketing.

A fire put me out of work ! I will let you hold judgement on that one.

 In 2007 I looked for an Industry on the up and decided to work in the Sales department at Unicom in Manchester.

There I gathered valuable experience in sales but as there was no computer work I elected to leave – I worked in sales for just 3 months.

I elected to stay in the telecoms industry and moved into Field Sales for Geezer Telecom where I worked for a very short time before being head hunted by a friend of Adam’s who worked for Nationwide Energy Services. I worked in field sales for a long time but was asked to return to Unicom – I accepted to offer as I still wanted to gain access to their computer system. There was still no access so I left again. I went to work in the voluntary sector as I wanted teaching experience but was once again I was  invited to join Unicom in 2015. My son Adam said – you are working 5 days a week volunteering please go and earn some money.

 I accepted Unicom’s offer and worked in the Sales Department again Unicom was a really good company to work for. They loved my work ethic and accepted my needs this time I was given access to computer system by joining Customer Service where they realised that I had technical abilities and moved me to Product Support. It was then decided that I would be better back in Sales supporting the sales team and checking the validity of contracts.

 Unicom is now part of the Verastar empire. The telecoms industry is on the up as I predicted in 2007 and I will remain with Verastar till I retire.

My recommendation to youth is – if you want a career with a company going  places and you want to gain valuable sales experience then join Verastar – you will soon be advised if you have got what it takes and if sales is not your thing there may be other opportunities for quality people.


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