End Of An Era

March 6, 2018

In 2007 I was appointed IT strategist for Young Masters Golf by Golf Fellow David Gosling.

I formed an outsourcing company called BBCommuniSYS Ltd  and we went to work servicing his website, creating two online shops, a forum, tournament booking system and online quiz.  David lost control of his company and we only received payment of £1,000 having laid out significantly more than that for 3 high specification laptops and Microsoft Office.

David returned to golf and we re-engaged with him in 2016 – we commenced work on a subscription based document sharing website. Typically with Dave the development was a disaster and it did not get implemented.

David was instructed that Google Drive and Protopage were core business solutions. To our dismay these were not implemented.

David has hit hard times whereas we have gone from strength to strength with our association with Hitec Computers in Cheadle.

David is now working outside the golf industry and my vision of looking after the intellectual training of his junior golfers has gone.

I like David a lot and wish him the best – we really needed him onboard with http://thegolfhub.net

We could have done so so much with Dave all he had to do was follow our advice and we would have done good stuff to attract kids to his website.

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