Verastar – Quo Vadiz

March 5, 2018

This is an announcement to my community that I work for Verastar which is a utilities company based in Manchester England

I am a Business Consultant  of 40 years standing in the IT industry having worked in the voluntary sector since 2000 as a Community Guardian.

I have a project which commenced circa 1979 when I was introduced to Home Computing by John Arnold Edwards – Senior Exec at Ferranti Computer Systems.

We said then that we should start business – We missed our opportunity.

I have now started a manufacturing business as a Division of Redcamel Systems – I am following JAE footsteps as a Divisional Production Manager. I will be suggesting to Hitec Computers in Cheadle that they should cut their production costs by 20% and commence outsourcing to Gatley Computers. The first machine will be specified next Saturday.

I will then become CEO of Ferranti Business Computing – operating out of Hitec Computers in Cheadle where I currently operate as Redcamel Systems..

I am looking to Verastar where I am employed full time as a broad band provisioning officer to support my initiatives..

I have of my desk a book called in Search Of Excellence which features Ingersoll Rand where I was part of the management team. It is a best seller – if written today it could well include Verastar.

It is my intention to stay at Verastar till I retire – I selected them in 2007 when they were Unicom. I had 3 stints of employment in Sales and they keep asking to get me back. This current stint of employment has seen me out of the sales force but looking after the sales teams – I can clearly state on my cv that I am a Sales Professional – expected to deliver high standards.

My CV will state tht I am on a mission to impact the golf industry.

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