March 4, 2018

Today I had a 3 hour business meeting with Andy Clarke of Manchester University to discuss the status and merits of my on-line shop. We discussed my buying and selling policy and discussed Maplins who have gone into administration. We also conducted a buying session – 2 buying sessions to test the Amazon Echo.

Whilst we discovered Alexa was excellent at tracking purchases she was not so great at tracking the second purchase.

We are a little ahead of our time but there will be a time when all the next generation will be using an Echo product as a lifestyle choice.

Whilst we were on the subject of technology I was demonstrated one of these wrist devices that interfaces with your mobile phone – amazing.

My conclusion is – Amazon is an opportunity for every company to take advantage of as clearly the high street is suffering.

The next to go could be high street clothes retailers. My second purchase was some golfing trousers – I was able to find my size at just £16 whilst last week I went into Central Manchester and bought 3 pairs at £20 per pair plus £4 train.

This is a message to Eb at Hitec Computing – Look towards Amazon and take advantage of their technology.

And to John @ my place of work ! – we should too………. and we should look to selling wrist messengers for people who can not use their mobile phones in work.

With regards to my own buying policy l still will not use Amazon or Ebay as I want to protect the high street. That means whilst I will advertise my product range on-line I will only sell on the high street and only on a Saturday.

Which comes to my agreement with Hitec Computers – To bridge the Amazon / High Street Gap the Redcamel Shop has been set up giving all year round discount at !0% of the normal Hitec selling price. And to this end Redcamel Systems will absorb all programming and development costs.

I have introduced a buying policy to allow my purchasing team to buy from Amazon.

Until I have recruited a suitable candidate I will have to set up the purchasing department myself. I will set up a new bank account just for the purpose and start the process rolling. My first purchase will be a programmable usb robot from Maplins before they close. I have unfinished business I have a Maplins programmable control panel which I need to make up but I have lost the programming instructions – next task to see if Maplins have Java instruction for my control panel.  Once Kava is proven then I will clone the processing in MVC and C#/Sql Server to hold the instruction sets.

All help on code samples will be appreciated !!!!!

The Robot will be my Chistmas present for Richard  – a little early to buy it – make hay whilst the sunshines and hope Maplins have some great discounts !

On second thought I know a person that gives away unwanted presents for Christmas I will think of sending Rich my old Maplins kit – It comes with a little soldering set that he might find of good use. I will ask him now.

Message to Richard – I have been converted what present do you want  – for me to test Amazon.




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