Redcamel Shop

March 3, 2018

It is 03/03/2018 and I announce that the Redcamel Shop is now open for business.

(It is in draft mode at the moment and can be found on my Home Server).

It was 02/02/2017 when I announced my return to the IT industry when I formed the limited company BBCommuniSYS Ltd delivering Structured Social Networking applications SSNA . It was shortly after when WordPress banned all my sites for violation of condition of usage that I discovered Protopage. I have never looked back. is a significant effort and is of high value to me.

Whereas is just a bit of fun and is dear to my heart as it was mine and  Adam’s project. is well on it’s way now.

BBCommuniSYS was a outsourcing company – I am thinking of making Ferranti Communications a multi purpose company – PC Manufacturing / Online Shop / Web Hosting / Bespoke Design / Outsourcing / Bespoke Build / Multi-Media Marketing / Event Management.

J.A.E  was on the executive at Ferranti in Wythenshawe Manchester – he was D Division Production Manager – My mentor.

P.E. Was a programmer at Ferranti where he wrote Q for Dos machines as a type of pre windows substitute – clever stuff – he was my student. We wrote Monopoly on a .Commodore Pet to learn Jackson Structured Programming.

I have just had a post saying that today, 5 years on, is when I met Richard Gilbert on Facebook.  Richard is my closest friend and my Microsoft Certified Programmer – I have known Richard for over 20 years. He is brilliant at what he does – he is my mentor. With his support I will now learn MVC and Ajax. Richard taught me ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server in 2000 after I gained my City and Guilds in C programming. 

Thank you Richard without you none of this would have been possible.

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