Golf !

June 8, 2013

It has been nice sitting in the sun meeting old friends, It ha been a while.

I can’t remember when I lost interest playing golf but I do remember trying to keep my interest alive. I bought a set of left handed clubs and started to play left handed – it was great I really had to think about my swing just to hit the ball and I was able to project the ball a good distance.

Eventually I reached a standard where I was playing bogey golf, when I hit a 7 iron to two foot and tapped the put in on the 4th hole I decided to enter a competition.

On the day I was feeling confident but when it came to my turn I hit the telegraph pole – I thought that this could be a long day for my playing partners so I apologised and retired.

I can’t recall playing golf again at my home course – from time to time I play with my son now but the hit has gone I can no loger hit it 290 yards and the want to play at my club again has not returned…….

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