June 6, 2013

I got into WordPress when it was new to the scene , under development.

I was able at that time using a Freeserve e’mail account to register multiple sites – this was something to do with me using legacy software and WordPress was not expecting it.

I constructed a few sites, linking them  together  to represent the YMG business, This was done to demonstrate to David Gosling of  YMG the business model for his business – when we branded the sites wordpress squashed them..

We had identified a significant number of errors on the YMG primary website and we were contracted to repair them – this we did. In addition we developed a tournament booking solution and an on-line quiz, (and a forem – which we pulled when it got invaded with pornography).

We had volunteered our services to David because he was being driven out of his own company by Chris Smith.

In addition to the php / mysql development we hosted a asp.net starter pack for an on-line shop as a temporary solution and went on to nominate Ocean Design as the company to run his shop.  Ocean design went on to develop a shop for David. We also selected House on the Hill to supply help desk software but this was not taken up, (David had lost control of the company budget !)

These systems were pulled from YMG when David lost his company – and we lost the opportunity to deliver packages to him. We did not offer our services to YMG as we were supportes of David and returned control of the YMG site back to Chris and his team.

David has started again – he is starting up, we still keep in touch and we still offer our services but this time at the right price. Bitesize golf is his new venture – he will do well he is the best, I believe that he now has 37 clubs interested. What is important is that he is keeping his IT costs down – David has implemented my recommendations, that is he has a .com site for his passive data and a wordpress blog for his active stuff.

This sounds logical now – remember in 2006 these social network sites did not exist. I produced my first prototype site for the junior section at Withington Golf Club using Microsofts blog. A solution that WGC did not take on board.  WGC are currently reviewing their web presence, it will be interesting to see if social network technology is a part of it.

Following the restrictions on WordPress I got in contact with Protopage – they assured me that I could create multiple sites using their solution and it is this option along with hosted WordPress that I promote.

As a champion of Protopage I am now seeking sponsorship from them for an annual golf competition – but in today’s climate I hold little hope.

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