A day in the world …..continued

June 6, 2013

It has been many years since I blogged, I am starting again because I have decided to extend myself once more.

I should clear down my history as much of it was done during times of chaos and it was a method better than e’mail of keeping people up to date with what we were doing. We had waited many years for vista to arrive, many years after 2000 when microsoft recommended that we did not start our project till Longhorn arrived. I have long forgotten what specific feature that Longhorn was going to offer but we are still waiting for it.

It was an experience doing beta testing for vista and it did offer us changes but I chose not to get involved with windows7 and windows8 on the basis that I have 3 development laptops more would be excess.

So, today…….

I had a meeting at the offices of Manchester Community Guardians and have proposed a central web site servicing their 500 Guardians. This I will do / prototype and release to them.

It was suggested that I look into Manchesters Latest scheme for Digital Champions, http://www.go-on-manchester , …..(I could make that link active ,  there used to be an option for me to edit the html !)….

It was also suggested that I talk to Time Bank, which I have done – and agreed to do a website for them. I will see what they want – might end up with some asp.net !

I have also contacted WGC and made myself available for committee – I think I should be a communications officer given the experience that they had with facebook.

…… over and out.





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